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British embassy worker in Berlin arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia | DW News

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Published: 11 Agustus 2021

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German police arrested a UK national on suspicion of spying for the Russian intelligence service in exchange for cash, authorities announced on Wednesday.

The suspect — identified only as David S. in line with German privacy laws — worked at the British embassy in Berlin, police said.

Federal prosecutors arrested the 57-year-old in the nearby city of Potsdam for allegedly forwarding documents to the Russian intelligence service since November 2020. The suspect's home and workplace were searched after the arrest.

British and German authorities were involved in the investigation of the suspect, who is being brought before the Federal Court of Justice to decide on pre-trial detention.

The German Federal Prosecutors Office accused the man of working for a foreign secret service.

His arrest warrant alleges that "on at least one occasion he forwarded documents obtained in the course of his professional activity to a representative of a Russian intelligence service."

"The defendant received cash in an as yet unknown amount in return for his information transfer," prosecutors said.

The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command in London confirmed the arrest of the suspect on August 10 in conjunction with the German Federal Criminal Police Office.

"The man was arrested in the Berlin area on suspicion of committing offences relating to being engaged in 'Intelligence Agent activity' (under German law)," said London Scotland Yard in a statement.

"Primacy for the investigation remains with German authorities. Officers from the Counter Terrorism Command continue to liaise with German counterparts as the investigation continues."

The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command is responsible for investigating allegations and matters relating to alleged breaches of the Official Secrets Act.

The Russian Embassy in Berlin declined to comment on news of the arrest.


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