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Best Of Malayalam Songs 2019| Best Of 2019| Best Malayalam Film Songs| Non-Stop Audio Songs Playlist

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Published: 28 Desember 2019

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Presenting the best songs of Malayalam that were released in 2019 that found their way into everyone's hearts, got replayed countless times and made sure this year was at its musical best! We have the viral hit of the year Kudukku, the latest trending song Kamini, the heart-wrenching melody Neeyilla Neram, the dance number Thanananana Penne, the supremely mellifluous Aalolam, Pon Tharame and Kavarathi, the peppy romantic tracks Munnale Ponnaale, Ore Kannal and many more! So put on your headphones and enjoy as we bring you the best songs together in this non-stop playlist!

Track List
00:00:00  Kudukku (Movie: Love Action Drama)
00:02:36  Kamini (Movie: Anugraheethan Antony)
00:06:32  Aarum Kaanaathinnen (Movie: Oru Adaar Love)
00:09:29  Neeyilla Neram (Movie: Luca)
00:13:04  Thanananana Penne (Movie: Oru Adaar Love)
00:15:50  Aalolam (Movie: Love Action Drama)
00:20:05  Munnale Ponaale (Movie: Oru Adaar Love)
00:23:52  Maahiya (Movie: Oru Adaar Love)
00:28:04  Ore Kannal (Movie: Luca)
00:31:56  Pon Thaarame (Movie: Helen)
00:35:37  Varavaayi (Movie: Love Action Drama)
00:40:13  Forever Friend (Movie: Oru Adaar Love)
00:43:36  Aarum Kaanaathe (Movie: Allu Ramendran)
00:47:40  Hey Madhuchandrike (Movie: Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu)
00:51:53  Vanil Chandrika (Movie: Luca)
00:55:48  Kaathu Kaathe (Movie: Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu)
00:59:54  Kaatum (Movie: Luca)
01:04:00  Ee Vazhi (Movie: Jack & Daniel)
01:07:26  Oru Swapnam Pole (Movie: Love Action Drama)
01:11:51  Churulariyaatha (Movie: Love Action Drama)
01:13:35  Ponvilakkaayi (Movie: Love Action Drama)
01:16:04  Kaamukan (Movie: Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal)
01:20:17  Kavarathi (Movie: Pranaya Meenukalude Kadal)
01:24:28  Praanante (Movie: Helen)
01:26:25  Raathein (Movie: Love Action Drama)
01:29:28  Kaanaatheeram (Movie: Helen)
01:32:11  Thaarapadhamaake (Movie: Helen)
01:34:22  Eenthola (Movie: Argentina Fans Kaattoorkadavu)
01:37:23  Evide Thirayum (Movie: Jack & Daniel)
01:41:13  Lahari Ee Lahari (Movie: Colombian Academy)
01:45:01  Kelkkaam Thakiladikal (Movie: Varthakal Ithuvare)

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