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Best Of Malayalam Songs 2020 | Best Of 2020 | Best Malayalam Songs | Non-Stop Audio Songs Playlist

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Published: 22 Desember 2020

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Music has been a great stress-buster during this year as we entered into an uncertainty period. Even when we were under lockdown, it didn't restrict our creativity. Music continued to be created, Music continued to be enjoyed, Music continued to be touching lives. So as we get ready to bid farewell to 2020, here we are happily presenting the best songs of Malayalam that were released this year. 

Track List
00:00:05 Uyire (Movie: Gauthamante Radham)
00:03:23 Kim Kim (Movie: Jack N' Jill)
00:06:38 Raat (Movie: Trance)
00:09:48 Noolupoya (Movie: Trance)
00:14:33 Paaraake (Movie: Kilometers & Kilometers)
00:18:27 Thora Mazhayilum (Movie: Saajan Bakery Since 1962)
00:21:54 Vaathil Chaari (Movie: Trance)
00:26:24 Kathorthu Kathorthu (Movie: Karnan Napoleon Bhagat Singh)
00:30:50 Theera Katha (Movie: Gauthamante Radham)
00:35:09 Trance Title Track (Movie: Trance)
00:40:04 Neeyum Njanum (Movie: Sumesh & Ramesh)
00:44:09 Jaalame (Movie: Trance)
00:49:55 Bow Bow Song (Movie: Anugraheethan Antony)
00:53:45 Annoru Chattal Mazhayil (Album: Manoharan)
00:58:38 Mathayichan (Movie: Trance)
01:01:35 Kaantha (Album: Gathi)
01:05:27 Kannil Kaanum (Album: Kannil Kaanum)
01:10:11 Diname Diname (Movie: Kilometers & Kilometers)
01:15:00 Sayahna Theerangalil (Movie: Karnan Napoleon Bhagat Singh)
01:18:49 Once Upon A Time In Ranni (Movie: Saajan Bakery Since 1962)
01:22:57 Thelinjee Vaanaake (Movie: Kilometers & Kilometers)
01:26:40 Thaane Mounam (Movie: Kilometers & Kilometers)
01:29:33 Arikil (Album: Arikil)
01:35:18 Bang Bang (Movie: Gauthamante Radham)
01:38:09 Ee Vazhiye (Movie: The Kung Fu Master)
01:44:29 Pattupettikara (Movie: Duniyavinte Orattath)
01:48:17 Eeran Kannil (Movie: Saajan Bakery Since 1962)
01:52:28 Kaana Dooram (Movie: Saajan Bakery Since 1962)
01:56:11 Ee Vaanavum (Album: Asar)
02:00:32 En Viral Thumbil (Album: Ajayante Premalekhanam)
02:04:12 Oru Puthu Niram (Album: Oru Puthu Niram)
02:09:01 Kaathirunnu Ninnil (Album: Krithi)
02:13:22 Lokame (Album: Lokame)
02:17:33 Thedal (Album: Thedal)
02:22:01 Edi Edi Penne (Album: Edi Edi Penne)
02:25:41 Thiruvona Ponnunjal (Album: Thiruvona Ponnunjal)
02:29:31 Pinnenthe Ennullam (Album: Ninneyum Kathu)
02:33:16 Ponnonam Varavayi (Album: Varnam)
02:36:56 Thennale (Album: Minna Minni)
02:41:45 Pranayathin (Album: Mozhi)

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